The Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippine Cordilleras on the diplomatic stamps are remarkable tourist attractions. They were made by the indigenous habitants in the northern part of the Philippines, and they were made by bare hands. The terraces were used as planting grounds for rice which is the staple food in the country and other crops as well. The rice terraces are described as an expression of scared tradition by the keepers of culture and tradition. The terraces are also seen as an illustration of a delicate social balance that helps create a beautiful landscape expressing the harmony between the environment and humankind.

On another diplomatic stamp is the Cinque Terre a famous tourist destination in Italy. It is a source of living for the locals nested in the rugged portion in Italian Riviera. It is located in the coastline making seafood the mainstay in the local cuisine. The people here also grow grapes which are then used to make two unique kinds of wine Cinque Terre and Sciachetr.

Due to the cultural and physical significance, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared the Cinque Terre of Liguria region Italy in 1997 and the Banaue Rice Terraces of Ifugao province as world heritage sites. The two are magnificent icons landmarks in both countries, and they have been featured on the diplomatic stamps marking the 65th year of diplomatic relations between Italy and the Philippines.

The diplomatic relations between the two countries started when they signed in Rome on the Treaty of Friendship and General relations which was later ratified on 10 December 1948. The first Philippine Diplomatic Mission to Italy was established as a Legation on 5th July 1948 as a legation but later elevated to an Embassy on August 9, 1956. Since then many Italians are now living with their family in the Philippines. They now have their own properties in the country. If you are looking for Cebu condo for sale or apartments in the Philippines, they have so much to offer as the economy of the country is booming 30-40% compare to the last 2 years.

Italy was among the first countries to recognize the Aquino Government in the Philippines after the People Power Revolution in 1986 marked the start of bilateral relations. The two countries have strong diplomatic relations to date after the first official diplomatic relations started in 1947. The Philippines Postal Corporations is therefore proud to present the Philippine-Italy 65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations special stamps issuance.